What is a bridal consultant?  

A bridal (wedding) consultant is a professional whose training, expertise and contacts will help make your wedding as close to perfect as it possibly can be and let you relax (as much as you can) and enjoy your wedding

What will a Bridal Consultant do for me?

 In addition to helping make your wedding dreams come true within your budget, a consultant will save you time.


Can I afford a bridal consultant?

A: wedding consultant is part of your budget, not an extra expense. In fact, you often save money because a consultant suggests less expensive alternatives that still enhance your wedding.

Q: Won't the Consultant want to run the whole show?
A: A professional bridal consultant will work with you, handling as much or as little of your wedding as you want. After all, it is your wedding. The consultant is there to help you and your family and make the day perfect.

Q: Why can’t I do the planning myself?

A: You can certainly do the planning yourself, and that sometimes is part of the fun of your wedding. But, it also can be a hassle, checking out many sources for each vendor, making sure all the details are in place and worrying about whether you're getting the best deal and whether everything will turn out all right. A bridal professional has the training and experience to make it all work, while you relax.

Q: How can bridal consultant help?
A: With so many brides and their parents working, a bridal consultant can handle much of the time-consuming, detailed planning for your wedding. You save time, reduce stress and concentrate on having fun as your wedding approaches. With experience dealing with many weddings, a consultant can smooth all of those complex relationships in a modern family.

Q: Do I need a bridal consultant?
A: A consultant will be a distinct asset as you plan your wedding. Wouldn't it be nice to spend time with your fiancé and your families, rather than worrying about the details of your special day? A consultant will take care of the details, leaving you to have fun. On the wedding day, you can shine as the star, while your consultant works behind the scenes to make it all happen!

Q: What qualities should I look for in a consultant?
A: You should be comfortable with the person. You will be spending a lot of time together planning one of the major rites of passage in your life. CODE OF ETHICS: The professional bridal consultant will: represent each client fairly and honestly, providing all agreed-to-services in a timely and cost efficient manner. Establish reasonable and proper fees for services and provide written estimates to each client. Use honest, factual advertising. Deal with employees and clients fairly, in an unbiased manner.