Ceremony/Reception Setup Only Service

Ceremony Setup Services


  • Place pew bows, decorations, etc
  • Place programs, bubbles, etc. appropriately
  • Setup unity candle or other items used in the ceremony
  • Pin on the flowers
  • Make sure all your vendors are kept informed.
  • Be the "go to" person for you, your attendants, family and vendors.
  • Handling anything unique to your wedding ceremony!

         Standard Package Price:$150.00


                Reception Setup Service


  • Assure tables are set according to your seating layout
  • Arrange placecards, seating charts, etc.
  • Set up centerpieces and light candles
  • Place favors, cameras, etc.
  • Situate personal accessories, guest book, pictures, etc.
  • Placement of courtesy guest baskets in restrooms
  • Coordinate with hall personnel & vendors
  • Handling anything unique to your wedding reception

       Standard Package Price: $ 150.00


*** If you elect to get both services the charge is $ 285.00*****

Mandap/Backdrop and Welcome Gate Dececoration Setup Services, please phone us to schedule a quote or venue walk-thru consultaion

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