Children Birthday Party Packages


* There is an additional $40.00 non-refundable booking charge for all serivice packages*


Balloon Artists   -   $165.00 for 1 hour   1 hour and a half - $225.00 –

$260.00    for 2 hours $350.00   for 3 hours    $450. 00 for 4 hours

Face Painters    -   $165.00 for 1 hour - $260.00 2 hours - $350.00 3 hours

Mascot Characters: Includes Meet and Greet-dancing-photos with children and games

Minnie Mouse and Winnie The Pooh - $145.00 for 30 minutes   Dora The Explorer, Mickey or Minnie, Spiderman and Diego - $225.00 for 1 hour 

Show #1:  Live animal magic show 

The show includes an adorable dwarf bunny and 2 cinnamon doves. It is 30 minutes in length and the "Birthday Child" is the star of the show. Some of the children also get to participate

The 1 hour magic show includes 30 minute animal magic show, petting of animals and balloon twisting - 25 kids or less

Price -  $225.00  !

1 hr. and a half with face painting or games- $300.00

Deluxe Entertainment Party Package with Lu Lu The Clown or a Magician - 2 hour package that includes animal magic show, small face painting or games and balloons:  $350.00 

for 30 kids or less or: 

Animal magic show, balloons and games up to 40 kids- $350.00

(Please note; we do not perform the animal show outside in temperatures above 87 degrees because of the animals overheating.)

 Show #2 Regular Magic Show,  (no animals) and balloon twisting for 25 kids or less. $200.00

1 hr. and a half, add face painting 20 kids, or games – up to 35 kids or less - $275.00 –Or face- painting , games, and balloon twisting - $275.00

25  kids or less -

2 hours with face painting, balloons, magic show and games


Show #3 Face Painting and Balloons 20 children or less

Cost- $200.00  Clown or Regular dressed entertainer

Show #4 Balloon twisting and games

1 hr. Cost- $200.00 

1 hr and a half- $265.00 up to 35 kids

           For The Little Ones - Show #6

Show # 5   The Little People Show 

Magic and hand puppets, bubble blowing, music and dance, balloon twisting 25 kids or less (Best for children 4 and younger, or we can add more magic or puppets accordingly.

Cost- $225.00     

(Please note we do not give balloons to children under 2 because of the possible choking hazard

For 30 children or more with balloon twisting add an additional half hr.

Cost - $300.00

or 1 and a 1/2 hrs. with face painting for 20 kids or less

Short and Sweet -   Must be 15 miles within our travel range 

30 minute magic show with audience participation. ages 3-10

Cost - $150.00 - 15 mile radius

Live animal magic show - 35 minutes with audience participation and petting of the animals afterwards.

Cost - $175.00 – 20 mile radius

Balloon twisting for 30 minutes- 15 kids or less- $125.00

Winnie the Pooh or Minnie Mouse - 30 minutes dancing and we bring balloons animals for all the children $175.00

  More Fun Event Ideas

Walk Around Magicians - $350.00  for 1.5 hour  2 hours - $450.00   45 minute show - $300.00 

Karaoke - $125.00  per hr. with 2 hr. minimum - $250.00

3 hrs $350.00

Caricature Artists- $175.00 per hr. Generally 12 caricatures

2 hr. minimum  $350.00     

Stilt walker- $165.00 per hour 2 hrs- $250.00

Jugglers - $150.00 per hr. 2 hrs- $250.00 

DJ Services-  2 hours - $275.00   3 hrs. - $400.00 - 4 hrs. $475.00


Extravagant & Ziba's ~ Mani Pedi Mobile Spa Packages



Extravagant Mani Pedi Mobile Party

Extravagant & Ziba’s ~Whip Your Hair

Ladies if you feel me do it, whip your hair! Party Up Do

Diva Hair Add Ons (Feather, Shiny hair tinsels, color hair extension), My lip Gloss is Poppin Make Up, Nail Paint, 1 Blinged out Nail Art, TuTu & Boa Dress Up, Whip yo Hair Hair Show and as always Music for the duration of the party, Mini Cup Cakes, Pinky Finger Up Punch 8 girls $275, 4 girls $150

 Extravagant & Ziba’s All Dolled Up

All things fabulous point right at you Doll!!! Let Extravagant be your Doll House. Getting you Dolled is what we do! Party Up Do, Nails Painted, Oh! My Make Up. Now that’s how we Doll Up! And as always don’t forget your mini cupcakes and Pinky Finger up Punch and music for the duration of the party! You Go Girl! 8 girls $295, suggested add on $5 per add girl for bling nail art

 Extravagant & Ziba’s Tea for Me Please

If it’s one lump of laughter and two lumps of fun then your little lady is sure to love this package. A lady must always wear pearls so tutu and pearl dress up comes first. Little  Lady Mini Mani, Lil Miss Make-Up, Dress Up, Mini Cup Cakes & Cookies, Flavored Tea(cold), Toy Tea Party Setting, Mini Cup Cakes and as always Music for the duration of the party, Mini Cup Cakes, Pinky Finger Up Punch

4girls $175, 8 girls $250 suggested add on $8 tutu’s to take home


Extravagant & Ziba’s Mobile Mini Pedi Spa Party’s

Up to 6 kids

Having a sleepover or just want to party at home? Well let us bring the Spa to you!! Our staff will set up at your location and we will even bring something sweet to eat!

Extravagant & Ziba’s Basic $215

Includes: mini mani, mini pedi, robes, slippers

Extravagant & Ziba’s Premium $275

Includes: mini Facials, mini mani, mini pedi, robes, slippers

Extravagant & Ziba’s Deluxe $335

Includes: mini Facials, mini mani, mini hand massage,

minipedi, robes, slippers, craft-2-go

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